Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pixie - a mobile web client for

A few weeks back I started a new open source project called Pixie, a simple, lightweight user interface for, a free virtual computer that runs on any browser as a PC. Pixie is designed for mobile phones, mashups, and limited environments such low-bandwidth high-latency networks, some subnotebooks, and older computers.

Particularly we are working on a free and open source library that will simplify the development of mobile web applications and help making them work on most mobile devices made by many different manufacturers and used by different cellular carriers.

We believe that this is a classic project for the open source community because otherwise only very large and rich corporations can afford supporting so many different target environments, and they would not do so just for the greater good.

The project is hosted at Google Code at:

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Benny Halperin said...

Congrats! hope this project will bring the spring...